The Saddest Ideology Of All


This sad person passionately promotes abortion on Instagram. I asked a thought provoking question in hopes of stirring the slightest bit of compassion for her fellow human beings, but all I got back was a total lack of compassion. Since this callous abortion enthusiast was incapable of giving any thought to the life of a child facing the cruelty of abortion, I will.

Consider this scenario: You walk into a bar and notice a pregnant mother shooting tequila and pounding on her swollen belly, laughing and having a great time. You desperately plea with her to stop hurting her child and she responds with “oh, it’s okay, I’m scheduled to abort this baby tomorrow.” What do you do? What do you say? If you support a woman’s right to ‘choose’, then you must remain silent and watch the abuse play out. After all, her child has no human rights and if they’re scheduled to die anyway, why intervene?

Drinking During Pregnancy

This is what “prochoiceslut” is advocating. Because she, and those like her who support the choice to kill prenatal children, see no reason whatsoever to care for a child already scheduled to die. This is the world we have created and this is the world I will never stop fighting to change.

If you believe that all humans deserve human rights, join us in making this a reality.

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