Month: May 2017

Smoking Pregnancy

Abortion Snuffs Out Innocent Human Life

Nothing in this world is more valuable than the life of an innocent child. Take a stand to end their slaughter. Without you, they have no hope.

/ May 31, 2017
Planned Parenthood Pamphlet

Even Planned Parenthood Once Knew That Abortion Kills Babies

What else should we expect from Planned Parenthood but lies and deception? Abortion kills innocent babies and we all know it...

/ May 30, 2017
Baby Cartoon

They Must Dehumanize To Kill

Everyone knows that abortion kills babies. Spread the truth like wildfire...

/ May 30, 2017
Abortion Safety

Abortion Is Anything But Safe For A Child

Abortion rips the limbs from living prenatal children. Doesn't sound very safe to me.

/ May 30, 2017
Preemie NICU

Shouldn’t This Child Always Be Safe?

This little one should still be cradled in the womb, but at least he's safe from abortion. Being born too early is fraught with life threatening challenges, but none so threatening as the lack of human rights. Why should this...

/ May 28, 2017

Killing With Medicine

Digoxin, a heart medication, is used as a feticide to kill prenatal children prior to late 2nd trimester abortions. Digoxin is injected into the child's...

/ May 28, 2017
Cute Baby

We’re All In This Together

Learn more about the resources available to protect you and your child. We're here for both of you!

/ May 27, 2017
Cultureshift Billboard Resistance

Join the Resistance That Matters

End the tragedy of abortion by showing the world the unfiltered truth...

/ May 27, 2017
15 Week Abortion

National Abortion Federation Undercover

Hidden video from the Center for Medical Progress exposes the depths of human depravity...

/ May 25, 2017
Feeding The Homeless

Her Life Always Mattered

Don't believe the lie that the pro-life movement doesn't care about people after they're born. Pro-life is whole life.

/ May 24, 2017