We must begin to rehumanize the prenatal children so skillfully dehumanized by those who want the legal right to kill them.

Speech Example

The following list of euphemisms are routinely employed by the abortion industry to hide the truth about their barbaric practice

  • reduce the fetal calvarium = crush the baby’s skull
  • disarticulate the fetus = twist the baby’s limbs from their torso
  • reduce multiple pregnancy = poison some of the babies while allowing others to live
  • fetal tissue = baby
  • terminate a fetus = slaughter a baby
  • genetic material = human being
  • reproductive healthcare = killing prenatal children
  • remove the products of conception = tear a baby from their mother’s womb
  • evacuate the contents of the uterus = vacuum the baby from the womb
  • reproductive rights/choice/justice = oppression of the most vulnerable among us
  • fetal matter = eyes, arms, legs, kidneys, liver, brain, spine, blood
  • planned parenthood = parents killing their sons and daughters
  • selective reduction = picking the most undesired babies for destruction
  • induced miscarriage = intentionally killing a baby
  • incompatible with life = mentally or physically challenged
  • clump of cells = little preborn boy or girl
  • potential human being = prenatal child
  • trust women = mothers should be able to kill their children
  • abortion care = stripping a human being of their right to life
  • uterine material = innocent living human being
  • anti-choice = advocating for the protection of innocent human beings
  • pro-choice = advocating for the killing of innocent human beings

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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