…my girlfriend was crying. She said, “I was wrong. I felt them when they died. They pulled my heart out with our babies.” I cried. She cried. She said, “Oh God, what have I done? I feel horrible, empty… I feel barren… Like a dead flower.” I cried. She cried. I stayed with her for a few minutes but needed some air. I went down and moved my illegally parked car. I parked away from the protesters in the parking lot. Then went back up. When they finally let her leave… We cried. We walked past the protesters. She could barely stand. She cried the whole way home. “Why didn’t I listen? What was I thinking?” And on and on and on… The emotional pain was unbearable. She spent time in and out of mental hospitals. She started taking anti-anxiety and antidepressant medicine. It ruined her life. When your rights… Ruin your life… There is something wrong with the law.

— Anonymous, From “Share Your Abortion Testimony”

Posted by cultureshift

A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. I’m a women who’s had an abortion and as much as it broke my heart, I know I’d be worse off now if I went through with the pregnancy actually I doubt I would of made it through the pregnancy. I believe I would of taken my life along with the unborn child. Yes there are those who have abortions and wish they never had one but there are also plenty of women who’ve had abortions knowing that it was best for them.
    It’s horrible if women have abortions not actually being 100% sure that’s what they wanted. I’ve been lucky that when I went into the clinic they went over everything with me and made sure I was 100% sure before going through with it.
    Abortion is a very a complicated topic because sex is incredibly complicated It’s not so black and white like many prolife people seem to see it. Women have abortions for thousands of reasons. I believe we have no right to judge what a women does with her life and body. Choosing to not go through a pregnancy is a survival mechanism for majority of women.


    1. Let’s be honest with each other, since you seem to be an honest person. You clearly value life, sadly, you only value your life. Abortion is a euphemism for legally killing a child, something you were 100% sure you wanted to do. You wanted to live and felt you had to kill to do so. Why was your life so much more valuable than your child’s? There was plenty of help for you to work through your depression or anxiety, you didn’t have to kill another human being to relieve it.

      The reality is that abortion isn’t complicated. Using violence against prenatal children is always wrong, just like using violence against toddlers is always wrong. You sacrificed your child instead of sacrificing for your child. Killing them doesn’t remove the fact that you were and will forever be their mother. In fact, their DNA is still present in your body. A permanent reminder of the life you snuffed out.

      You can continue to use their death as a means to encourage others to find the ‘strength’ to kill their own children, or you can honor your child’s life by fighting to end the human atrocity of abortion. Learn how at silentnomoreawareness.org. Please don’t let them have died in vain.


      1. Are you a Vegan by curiosity? Because if not you do realize that you are a massive hypocrite right. You don’t value life. You value controlling other human live. New flash abortion has been around for thousands of years. Many animals kill their own young if they are unable to look after them. If abortion wasn’t a real biological survival mechanism women wouldn’t feel the need to go to such extremes to do it. I’ve heard of women cutting their own stomachs open. There wouldn’t be plants that bring on abortion.
        I’m sorry that you have had a horrible experience with it but calling me a murder isn’t going to make you feel better.

        Did you know that in some Asian countries because abortion is hard to come by women who have children they can’t afford, don’t want or they are addicted to gambling, these mothers sell their own children to pedophile rings. Are you telling me that a child is better off in pedophile rings then to never be born?
        I’m very knowledgeable on world affairs and abortion.

        I actually have a son and I can tell you that there was a massive difference in how I felt when I found out I was pregnant with him. It was an inner desire. Very strong. I didn’t have that with the others. There was nothing but hate and fear. Instant survival responses. I believe that when the mind and body is ready you will feel the strong biological desire to have that child.
        If a person tries to force you into a prison will you go willing or will you try and fight? How far would you go for your survival and freedom?
        Would you take a life, if your way of life was threaten? Of course you would. Again natural survival mechanism. That’s how I felt. That’s how many women feel when getting an abortion and if you didn’t feel like that, well you didn’t listen to your inner desire and that’s not my fault or any women who did go ahead with an abortion knowing full well it’s what they wanted even though it can be very hard. I’ll have to live with the fact forever and no it isn’t nice. Just like people in war don’t feel good about killing others to save there lives but to them it had to be done.
        The reality of sex, abortion, pregnancy, etc is extremely complicated and you saying otherwise shows your lack of knowledge on the subjects.


      2. But at the end of the day you have a right to your opinion and I do respect your opinion and to share your knowledge on a blog but I can’t respect people actually trying to push laws to ban abortion as I personally think those people are morons and don’t seem to comprehend the lengths women will go without safe abortion.


        1. A few of quotes from your rationalization for killing your child…

          “There was nothing but hate and fear.”

          “I’ll have to live with the fact forever and no it isn’t nice. Just like people in war don’t feel good about killing others to save their lives but to them it had to be done.”

          You are trying to justify your decision to kill your child by claiming that you acted in self defense. The truth is that you didn’t want the responsibility of caring for another child so you had them executed. Nothing you say or think will ever change this simple truth.

          You then go on to claim to respect my opinion and then call me a moron in the same sentence. You are a very confused person, and sadly, you are and will forever remain the mother of the dead child you killed. I am only trying to awaken you to the reality you are so desperately trying to avoid. By attempting to justify violence against a defenseless and vulnerable child living in the blinding darkness of their mother’s womb, you are placing other children at risk, and I won’t let you do that.

          It’s my sincere hope that you will fully embrace what you have done to a member of your own family and fight to protect others from the depravity of human abortion. It’s never too late to reclaim you lost humanity.


          1. Well yeah if you believe that making abortion illegal will stop it and reduce suffering you are a moron, blinded by your own ignorance and lack of understanding on this deeply complicated issue.

            It wasn’t a child. It was a fetus. It wasn’t its own person yet.
            I’m not a lost person. I’m just not ignorant. I’m gathering that you are a animal eater or consume dairy? You kill life everyday purely for greed.
            You are not saint.

            I will not preach to have control over another women’s body and health. I will not be responsible in helping bring unwanted, unloved children into a broken systems or in unloved homes.
            There is enough children without families and homes and going through abuse you and I couldnt imagine in our worst nightmares. So many children suffering in this world without bringing more into it.
            Why don’t you put your energy in helping the children that are here? Why not foster or adopt? Why not volunteer? Why not speak up about the suffering that is happening to conscious children that are living already? Why not speak up about the broken foster systems we have across the world?

            Here in my state of Adelaide, South Australia. Our child protection agency (not to sure the name) is so flawed. They found that one of the main miniters who was also fostering children was found to be sexually abusing them. Also a few children have been killed by their partners and the agancy had, had complaints about these partners in the past and didn’t do their fucking job probably and these poor children died from neglect or beaten to death.
            I read an article about a couple in America who were sexually and physically abusing and taking photos and putting them online of many children that had in their care through the foster system.
            I will NOT bring an unwanted child into this world and throw them into a system were they could indure a lifetime of suffering. Not to mention children that are abused and more likely to grow up and become abusers themselves. Sure not all foster parents are monsters but statistics show on average children in foster programs are more likely to grow up with mental health issues, end up with addictions, become homeless and the women are more likely to have unwanted pregnancys.
            Having an unwanted child creates more problems for society.

            Why must women give up their lives for another huh? The men don’t have to if they really don’t want to. They just fuck off like the child never exisited and no one really cares but god forbid if the mother runs off or chooses to not bring a child into the world because they don’t have the support or resources.

            Think of the thousands of unwanted children every year if we didn’t have abortion clients. Our foster systems would be even worse. More children to never have a home or families. More children with parents who neglect them because they never wanted them or just don’t have the resources or support. More mothers and father’s mourning the life’s they once had and being miserable for the rest of their lives. More mental illness. Bigger social issues. More suffering in general.

            Get your head out the clouds. In a perfect world I wish for every unwanted pregnancy there was a loving family on the other side. I wish that people didn’t have to worry about economics and careers and loans and the thousands of other things we have to worry about on a day by day basis and could just worry about raising children.
            Mental illness, homeless and addiction is on the rise and our planet is dying and its only a matter of time until we have massive wars over resources. I wish families had the huge support network like we did when we lived in tribes. It takes a village to raise a child! I wish we could be trible people once again were women only really had to worry about was raising the children and picking berries but that’s not the world we live in anymore.


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