Truth About Abortion

This is the uncomfortable truth that many people refuse to speak, even those within the pro-life community. They have bought into the politically correct thinking that a mother who pays an abortionist to kill her child or swallows drugs to poison them is somehow the victim. Although statistics indicate that 64% of mothers claim to have been coerced into aborting their child, one simple fact destroys this idea: could they have been coerced into killing their newborn? The answer is no. They only seek to kill their children in the womb because they can’t be charged for murder, at least not yet.

The irony is that pro-life people know that prenatal children are no less valuable than any other child, yet many claim that a mother who kills her child in the womb is somehow the victim, yet if she killed that same child minutes after birth, she’s a criminal. It’s time to stop pretending and tell the truth far and wide. No matter what age your child is or where they are located when you kill them, you are not the victim, they are.

Posted by cultureshift

A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.