Some Choices Are Wrong

Woman's Choice

Should we have the right to rape, torture, brutalize, bully, or sexually abuse children? Then why should we have the right to kill them?

Question human abortion.

2 responses to Some Choices Are Wrong

  1. Isn’t it better to make abortion legal than women trying to kill themselves due to a unwanted baby? & Never being able to take care of it? Girls that are pregnant due to rape at a young age ,should they bear a unwanted baby that is risky for their own health? The fetus organs are not formed till 4th week , it doesn’t feel any pain till the 24th week , till then isn’t abortion better?


    • cultureshift – Author

      There’s no such thing as an unwanted baby. The pregnant mother can become a birthmother and provide both her child and their adoptive family with the gift of life.

      A child conceived through rape is just as human and just as valuable as any other child. They should not be killed for the crimes of their father. I know because my daughter was conceived through rape.

      You are incorrect on when pain is felt, but this milestone is irrelevant to whether or not children should be slaughtered or poisoned in the womb. Killing humans is not a human right, even if it’s painless.


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