On A Pedestal Where They Belong

Pregnant Mother Sculpture Trinity College

The most beautiful form a human being can assume is pregnancy. It’s an affirmation that there is beauty in humanity, a beauty that literally embodies innocence and hope for a better future. As such, pregnant mothers should be afforded every benefit and protection their society can provide. But we have fallen far short of this ideal.

Instead of embracing this beauty, our culture has shunned it. We have warped the most beautiful aspect of being human into something to be feared and avoided. We have perverted the incredible miracle of life into a reason to actively destroy it. In an effort to secure a perceived equality, we have legalized a mother’s ‘right’ to kill her own children in the womb, introducing violence into a place of safety.

What a sad world we have created. But all is not lost. Many among us realize that violence against children is never the answer. Whether prenatal or neonatal, their safety should be our paramount concern. Help to awaken your fellow man to the reality of what abortion is and what it does to our children and our culture. Together, we can reclaim our humanity and declare that life itself should eclipse all other concerns.

Your journey begins here.

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