14 Week Fetus

This child was sadly lost to ectopic pregnancy, but they’re making an impact on our world. Most people are incapable of relating to prenatal human beings and thus do not value their lives, supporting the right to kill them on demand. What these people fail to realize is that they once looked just like this person and their life was just as valuable then as it is now. Life is an arc that begins at fertilization and should only end with a natural or unintended death. No human being should ever have the right to intentionally kill another innocent human being.

For context, it’s important to understand that over 2,600,000 prenatal children aged 13-15 weeks are killed through elective abortion every year worldwide. Over 57,000 of them are American children. They will continue to die by the thousands every day unless we take action to defend them. Will you join us?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. Poor little one, so helpless and vulnerable….

    Ectopic pregnancies account for only 1-2 %. According to OBGYN Dr. Donna Harrison, in 93% of cases, there is either no baby or the baby has died. When the tube ruptures, the mother can bleed to death in hours. There is less than I in a million chance the mother will survive.

    Ectopic Pregnancies can be transferred to the uterus. I wonder how many doctors actually attempt to offer this option?


  2. I saw this video in another place & it showed a little more… The person holding the baby started to roll it around with their finger, picked the baby up, & pulled on the umbilical cord very rudely. It was very unfeeling & unkind treatment for a tiny little one… Felt so bad for the baby. They treated the baby like it was just a “specimen.” …. If I was a mother with an ectopic pregnancy, I wouldn’t have the baby removed unless it was going to be a transfer…. I would look until I found a doctor who would do it…


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