Month: February 2017


The Truth Always Finds A Way

94% of pregnant mothers who carry their prenatal children into Planned Parenthood leave without their baby. It's time to end this human atrocity.

/ February 28, 2017
Baby Belly Button

Location Doesn’t Determine The Value Of A Human Life

Whether cradled in your arms or cradled in your womb, every child's life is precious. Thanks Mom!

/ February 28, 2017
9 Week Fetus

Abortion Is Never Necessary

This little girl was sadly lost to ectopic pregnancy after nine weeks of life. Her death was not chosen — she was miscarried, not aborted.

/ February 27, 2017
Abortion Is Freedom

Every Right Begins With The Right To Life

Abortion strips millions of Americans of their right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Without the right to life, no other rights matter.

/ February 27, 2017
Whisper Adoption

Love Makes A Mother Real

Every child deserves a birth and the love of their human family.

/ February 26, 2017
Justice For All 1

An Education On Justice For All

Learn about prenatal human life and the tragedy of abortion. The fight for true human equality has yet to be won...

/ February 26, 2017

The World Is Watching. What Will You Do?

Over one million American children are quietly killed behind sterile clinic doors every year. How much longer will you tolerate this injustice? Join the fight...

/ February 26, 2017

Defining a Human Being

All are living members of the same species, homo sapiens. A human fetus, after all, is simply a human being at a very early stage in his or her development.

/ February 26, 2017
Me Still Me Prenatal Neonatal

Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit of Happiness…

Even prenatal Americans deserve Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

/ February 26, 2017

A Scathing Rebuke Of The Abortion Culture

In this video, one high school teen responds with a scathing rebuke of Teen Vogue's ideas on how to celebrate the slaughter of prenatal children.

/ February 25, 2017