A Woman’s Right to Choose…

Baby Ultrasound

The word abortion is a euphemism designed to hide the truth that women are killing their children. The slogan, “A Woman’s Right to Choose” also hides this truth. That’s why those who support this barbaric act never complete it.

But I will. “A Woman’s Right to Choose… to Kill Her Child”.

There’s another slogan they never finish, “Trust Women”.

But I will. “Trust Women… to Kill Their Children”.

Any society that turns on its most vulnerable members has lost its way. When morality and responsibility are replaced with incomplete slogans designed to enable a selfishness so depraved that mothers turn on their own children, we have failed. Our only hope is truth.

Will you embody this hope and shout to the world that abortion kills children? If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

Join us in restoring our lost humanity.

Respond to A Woman’s Right to Choose…

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