All five million unborn babies alive in America today can be killed tomorrow, legally and unstoppably, on the whim of their mothers.

This is the truth of the genocide of abortion in America today. The strong legally kill the weak, the powerful kill the defenseless, older people have the authority to kill younger people if it is their “choice”. The entire generation of individual, unique, completely innocent living human beings is targeted for extermination and has been for 44 years. 60 million have been murdered since 1973, more than 3,000 per day in the USA.

Who can comprehend the depths of intolerable evil of this vicious slaughter in America today? The government approves it and funds it. One million mothers pay blood money to choose it every year. Medical professionals execute it. The mothers commit murder and the babies are murdered with little resistance from Americans.



Sadly, even as more and more Americans awaken to the cruel reality of abortion, it will take several more years and several million more dead children before we eradicate this cancer from our culture. Throughout America’s history, her laws and her courts have enabled atrocities such as slavery, segregation, political internment, and forced sterilization. As shameful as this history is, it provides hope, for every one of these wrongs were eventually made right. Just as the wrong of legalized human abortion will someday be made. As long as there are people like us willing to fight for the lives of the weak and the defenseless, there is hope.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. You still don’t get it. The crimes you mention (slavery…etc) are NOT premeditated murder, they are not comparable to abortion genocide in scope or gravity. Second, you say it will be “several more years” and “several million more dead babies” but its already 44 years and 60 million dead- how could you be so flippant and casual. Your hope is greatly misplaced and unjustified since there are relatively very few actively defending the unborn.


    1. Trust me, I get it. My teenage mother killed my little sister through the atrocity of abortion shortly after State-level protections of prenatal children were overturned (I was conceived and born prior to Roe v. Wade and was protected by the law). She now regrets her horrible mistake and stands against this inhuman act.

      You are absolutely correct that the other crimes against humanity that I mentioned pale in comparison to the magnitude of abortion. Few realize the horrific undercurrents that abortion creates within our culture, cheapening the value of human life. I am not being ‘flippant and casual’, just honest. In fact, that’s what those who champion for abortion, and some within the pro-life movement, hate the most about me. I am brutally honest and refuse to adopt their euphemisms when debating this most consequential ‘issue’.

      I disagree with you that my hope is misplaced. Millennials, contrary to what many may believe, are actually the most pro-life generation since the post-war period. And they are actively defending the preborn. Just keep your eye on the March for Life in Washington, DC. And then there are people like you and I who understand exactly what’s happening all around us. People who will never give up on the truth and never give up on those scheduled to die today.

      Where there’s truth, there’s hope, and truth will always find a way.


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