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Of all the things that are important to us, none matches the value of our very lives. There’s no Manufactured Day to celebrate the assembly of our car, no Discovery Day to celebrate the mining of the gold and diamonds in our jewelry, and no Construction Day to celebrate the last nail hammered to build our home. But there is a Birthday to celebrate an important milestone in our life and there’s an Anniversary to celebrate the day we found another and joined with them on our journey. There are graduations to mark our progress and a funeral to mark our final step.

Our culture seems to understand that what’s truly important in this world is not material things, but each other. Somehow, over the last few generations, we have become schizophrenic when placing value on the most important step in the journey of life. That step always has been and always will be the first step and that step began with each of our conceptions. Our beginning.

It’s time to celebrate our conception and the conceptions of those who follow us. It’s time to mark this most important of days and begin to once again understand that each and every human being holds value and should be celebrated from the moment they became a human being.

Happy belated Conception Day!

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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  1. Wonderful idea otherwise, but a major reason we do not and cannot celebrate conception day is that you can’t really tell for sure what day it actually is. Even when possible occasions are limited, the date of the ovulation is often not known for sure, and sperm can live inside a woman for several days. So when an intercourse takes place, conception might happen but days later. Calculating from the actual birthday won’t help either, for babies come when they come, many times quite randomly. By the way, for the Christian folks the Annunciation of Mary, in effect the date of the conception of Jesus (nine months prior to Christmas on March 25th) was a major holy day back in the day, and still is especially for Catholics.


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