Destroying Safe Spaces

Forty-two million times a year world-wide, we kill our own sons or daughters while they are still blissfully unaware, developing in what should be the safest place on earth—under their mothers’ hearts. We get so used to hearing about abortion that sometimes we forget just how radical, and how bizarre, and how unnatural abortion is. Think about it for a moment—women are hiring strangers to use tools to force their way into their uteruses, and then use what are basically vacuum cleaner hoses and medical pliers to pull, pulverize, and pry their babies from their bodies. This is not healthcare. This is genocide by suicide.

Let me draw a comparison to really drive this point home. Suppose scientists discovered a species of bird that, upon finding out that their eggs contained little baby birds, were thrown into a panic. This is disagreeable, as they want to be empty-nesters right off the bat. And so they hire a woodpecker to fly on over and use his razor-sharp beak to hammer holes through the eggs until they can be assured that the bodies and heads of the baby birds within have been sufficiently perforated and their babies will not be hatched alive.

You might be thinking that this comparison is ridiculous, and you would be right. To imagine such a fantastical scenario stretches even our imaginations because it defies all basic instincts. And yet, people living in the West with the highest standard of living in all of human history can look around their condo and decide that there’s no room for a baby. We’ll just go to the clinic and drop it off in the garbage, darling. It can be done the very same day, safe and painless.

— Jonathon Van Maren

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