Ten suggestions on how to argue abortion with your pro-life relatives, published by Salon, gives some indication that abortion supporters are having to be much more creative to defend the indefensible. In the article, entitled, “How to argue with your relatives about abortion: A few arguments that don’t work with pro-lifers and some that might,” Shawna Kay Rodenberg gives some interesting insight into the mindset of those who claim to want to sway solidly pro-life beliefs.

Some of Rodenberg’s recommendations are in bold below with pro-life advocate Carole Novielli’s rebuttal…

Never say that a fetus is not a baby or argue that it is not alive.”

Wait… isn’t that one of the main points abortion advocates make when discussing the legality of abortion? The ‘fetus’ is nearly always dehumanized as a ‘blob of tissue,’ a ‘product of conception/POC,’ a ‘non-sentient’ form of life, or even a ‘parasite’ attached to the unwilling ‘carrier’ (the pregnant woman). And yet, amazingly, Rodenberg tells readers to “concede the human-ness of the fetus:”

Pro-life women are disgusted by the “vagina as magic portal”-style pro-choice argument in which some dark magic takes place during birth that transforms a fetus into a person. Even if you maintain that independent breathing marks the beginning of life, many premature infants cannot breathe on their own, but we still call them infants, not fetuses. Concede the human-ness of the fetus.

The reality is that abortion absolutely kills a preborn human in the womb — a truth even the most hardened abortionist is now admitting, as Live Action News has reported. This Salon writer’s instruction to readers suggests that the “my body, my choice” argument is falling apart, thanks to abortion victim imagery, sonograms, 4-D ultrasounds and successful fetal surgery (along with the rise of social media, which has shone a light on the indefensibility of abortion).

Don’t argue that abortion gives a woman autonomy over her body.”

Whoa… wait a minute! I thought that was the whole argument! Am I confused? Didn’t seven men on the Supreme Court who ruled in favor of Roe v. Wade somehow grant women a ‘right to privacy’ to do what they wanted with their bodies, even if it takes another human life? Apparently, Salon has conceded this argument:

In doing so, you infer that the woman’s body is the only one involved, and whether you believe a fetus should have civil rights or not, we must all admit that it does in fact have a body, a tiny physical manifestation. Denying that it does ensures you will lose the argument.

Silly me… I thought Rodenberg’s Salon article was supposed to be about how to defend the pro-abortion position, not how to concede pro-life arguments!

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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