Pro-Life Philosophy:

We work to defend the lives of those who can do nothing for us because their lives are just as important to us as our own.

Pro-Choice Philosophy:

We work to destroy the lives of those who can do nothing for us because our lives are more important than theirs.

Pro-life is a philosophy of sacrifice and giving. Pro-choice is a philosophy of selfishness and taking. Where do you stand?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. It’s impossible to properly address the issues here because abortion is no more philosophical than the concept of gravity. Both are natural processes already. Herbs have existed for thousands of years which promote women’s health. Most of these herbs are also abortive.

    This “philosophy” doesn’t address what it means to be human. There’s a lot more to include.


    1. There are plants that kill born people as well and we avoid eating them. We should also avoiding eating plants that may kill our prenatal children. You’re conflating two completely different things in an effort to cloud something that is clearly wrong and unnatural — killing a child.


      1. Eating poison isn’t a proper analogy. I was speaking about Verbena for example. It is a beneficial plant to womens health. It also helps prevent pregnancy. Womens health tends to shy away from pregnancy as a natural process. But again, you’re not addressing natural processes.


        1. It’s clearly not natural for a mother to kill her child. We’re addressing the intentional act of abortion, not preventing pregnancy. Abortion occurs after a mother is already carrying a child. And your claim that women’s health shies away from pregnancy as a natural process is ridiculous. You’re either trolling me, or you’re completely delusional. I suspect the latter, as delusion is a prerequisite for advocating for the abortion of living human beings.


          1. No, abortion happens when carrying a fertilized egg. How can I be trolling when you asked for peoples’ thoughts? You presented your ideas without any semblance of logic or evidence to back it up, then you call anyone who disagrees delusional. Make up your mind. It can’t be both. Either present evidence or expect to be disagreed with.


            1. I have no problem being disagreed with, in fact, that’s why I run this blog, to engage people who disagree with me. Why preach to the choir? You are clearly delusional if you believe women naturally avoid pregnancy. It is, after all, why we evolved into two separate sexes, both with a sexual drive to reproduce. By the way, you and I are both ‘fertilized eggs’. We’re also a clump of cells. Your efforts to dehumanize prenatal children only serves to rationalize their destruction.


              1. We didn’t evolve into two different sexes. We evolved from different species of primates.


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