The depravity of ‘choice’

abortion choice

6 responses to The depravity of ‘choice’

  1. Leslie

    Wtf?! I’m not pro-abortion. I am pro-choice. I may not ever use abortion as a possiblity. But no one , not government or the church or extreme left conservatives will tell me what I can do with my body. When we give away that right all things fall to hell. You can’t tell me or my daughters what they can do with their body. Because it’s theirs .


    • cultureshift – Author

      Who, exactly, owned your daughters bodies while they were awaiting their births? You? I didn’t think anyone could tell them what to do with their bodies? If you had ripped their bodies apart through abortion, wouldn’t that make you a hypocrite? Abortion doesn’t kill your body, suicide does that. Abortion kills other people’s bodies.


  2. Roro

    Don’t we all have a right and choice to make our own decisions. There are MANY circumstances for which abortions comes up as an options for many people. It doesn’t matter what others think or say. If someone wants or needs to have an abortion that is their choice and who is anyone to throw in their face how wrong it is or that they are killing or murdering their child. It’s your body, your pregnancy, your choice. If you are against abortions don’t have and don’t judge others.


    • cultureshift – Author

      “If you’re against rape, don’t rape anyone!”; “If you’re against gassing the Jews, don’t gas any Jews!”; “If you’re against slavery, don’t own slaves!”.

      Can’t you see how flawed your ideology is? Can’t you see that abortion kills innocent living human beings? Can’t you see that ‘choice’ is a euphemism for slaughtering ‘unwanted’ human beings? Can’t you see that there isn’t any circumstance that warrants the taking of a child’s life?

      Stop making excuses for the depraved practice of human abortion. Embrace life and take a stand against the idea that some lives matter less.


  3. Anonymous

    It isn’t up to you, the government or anyone else to tell anyone what to do with their bodies. When the time comes for their souls to be judged by God for their choices that is on them not me or you. Until then, stay out of people’s business. God gave us free will for a reason.


    • cultureshift – Author

      Do you really believe your god gave you free will to kill other human beings? I thought there was a commandment against killing. I’m an atheist, so I could be wrong (but I’m not).

      Remember, it’s not the mother’s body that’s being killed, it’s her child’s body. Take a look at your belly button. That’s where your body was once connected to another person’s body. You were never a part of their body, each of you possessed your own.

      Suicide kills the mother’s body, abortion kills the child’s body. Clearly, there’s a difference between the two.


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