A Striking Hypocrisy

These devastated mothers lost their preborn sons and daughters to the heartbreaking tragedy of miscarriage. They were so affected by their loss that they tattooed permanent memorials to their children on their skin. These acts of recognition and respect for prenatal life provides a striking contrast to the abortion culture that has infected our society like a cancer. On the one hand, we honor these children, and on the other, we forsake them. People who support intentionally killing prenatal human beings have gone so far as to run campaigns to ‘shout your abortion‘ in an effort to destigmatize their slaughter.

Abortion says, “I sacrifice the other person for the good of myself.”

Love says, “I sacrifice myself for the good of the other person.”

What does it say about a culture who will mourn the loss of a child in the womb while simultaneously celebrating the legal right to kill them? We must make a choice if we are to vanquish this glaring hypocrisy. We must either embrace a world awash in the savage destruction of innocent life, or we must reject the legalized killing of the ‘unwanted’. We must either live in a world where mothers can kill their children or draw a line in the sand and declare ‘never again’.

We have a choice between a culture of death built on a foundation of selfishness and fear or a culture of life built on a foundation of love and sacrifice. Which world do you want your children to inherit?

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