Protecting Children


so…. say I am a 16 year old girl…. and I am raped. I become pregnant against my will, still trying to survive high school, trying to map out the rest of my life, and now on top of that I have to carry a child that I DID NOT CONSENT TO HAVING. You are telling me that I should be forced to give birth to this child because in your “perfect world” abortion is illegal. In your world, I should be forced to carry a child for 9 months before I am even out of high school. Is that what you are saying?


Actually, what I really want is for you and those like you to accept that abortion is the brutal destruction of an innocent child. I want mothers, whether intentionally, accidentally, or forcibly impregnated, to willingly protect the life of their child.

In Defense of the Defenseless

I noticed that you refer to a ‘fetus’ as a child, bestowing humanity on the preborn. I’ve also noticed that you are arguing for the legal right to kill them. You seem clear on the fact that prenatal human beings are children, but you are lacking the morality required to understand that killing them inside the womb is just as wrong as killing them outside of the womb.

I run cultureshift for three primary reasons:

  • To guard against the destigmatization of abortion.
  • To make abortion both illegal and unthinkable.
  • To move our culture toward one founded on the dignity and beauty of all human life.

You see, if you had been born into a culture of life, the idea that you would ever kill your own baby would be unimaginable, no matter where they happen to be located or how they got there.

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