In Defense of the Defenseless

The following list of euphemisms are employed by the abortion industry to hide the truth about their barbaric practice…

reduce the fetal calvarium = crush the baby’s skull

disarticulate the fetus = twist the baby’s limbs from their torso

reduce multiple pregnancy = poison some of the babies while allowing others to live

fetal tissue = baby

terminate a fetus = slaughter a baby

genetic material = human being

reproductive healthcare = killing prenatal children

remove the products of conception = tear a baby from their mother’s womb

evacuate the contents of the uterus = vacuum the baby from the womb

reproductive rights/choice/justice = oppression of the most vulnerable among us

fetal matter = eyes, arms, legs, kidneys, liver, brain, spine, blood

planned parenthood = parents killing their sons and daughters

selective reduction = picking the most undesired babies for destruction

induced miscarriage = intentionally killing a baby

incompatible with life = mentally or physically challenged

clump of cells = little preborn boy or girl

potential human being = prenatal child

trust women = mothers should be able to kill their children

abortion care = stripping a human being of their right to life

uterine material = innocent living human being

anti-choice = advocating for the protection of innocent human beings

pro-choice = advocating for the killing of innocent human beings

“We never discussed, ‘They may want just a leg, or an arm, or these specific organs.’ That would create a sense of humanity in their unborn child. And really, we would even shy away from calling it fetal tissue research because just calling it tissue sanitizes it—the women don’t necessarily think about the body of their baby, they’re just thinking about blood and tissue.”

– Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood Director

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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  1. There is also this big and simple statement: Human fetus is a human being and should not be killed. Seems to me that rather the lie must be complicated beyond any reasonable reproach.


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