Clearly A Human Being Worthy Of Protection

In Defense of the Defenseless

This little girl was tragically lost to miscarriage during her second trimester of prenatal life. Although she lived a short life, she has touched her world in a way that may someday save millions of children like her. You see, she was born before any legal protections are extended to human beings living in the womb. In other words, American children like her can be brutally and painfully dismembered while still alive for any reason at all.

Americans who support abortion on demand and without apology are responsible for the slaughter of thousands of prenatal human beings each and every day. In fact, the Democratic Party and its presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, support the killing of children in the womb through all nine months of their prenatal lives. This year’s Democratic Party Platform is the most pro-abortion in its history, declaring that a mother’s option to kill her children in the womb should never be curtailed.

If you stand with the Democrats, the same party that fought to keep slavery legal by declaring that Africans were property, not people, then you are a participant in the mass destruction of innocent human life. You are complicit with a political party that has once again declared that a certain group of human beings are property, not people worthy of the protection of our laws. It’s time to stop dehumanizing those who are so clearly human. It’s time to end the atrocity of human abortion.

One response to Clearly A Human Being Worthy Of Protection

  1. Dear God please watch over our beloved greatest gift you give us…sweet angels..let the struggles of women always be a positive one in your eyes…an the parents …let TRUMP persiver an save lives…thank you amen…


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