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@alishafox I just want to say I’m sorry you are hurting and feeling alone, through what must be a tough process and awful decision to ever have to make. You aren’t a bad person for exercising your right of choice, and honestly fuck anybody that says you are.


Thank you so much!! Yeah I saw what that troll said on my post & I’m not not gonna lie, it did make me feel worse especially because I’m still in the grieving process. This was a really hard choice for me, & pro lifers act like it’s just a walk in the park, easy decision to just wanna kill fetuses. Even when I walked into planned parenthood protesters were immediately at our throats, like abortion is just a simple easy solution to’s not. Not at all. Me & all the other girls were sobbing after the procedure in the recovery room. This is not an easy choice. It’s heartbreaking. :( sorry this is so long, thank you so much for your loving support. It means so much. ♡♡♡♡♡♡


Was it difficult to ‘just wanna kill your fetus’? Did it hurt you? Poor little you. Like all delusionally selfish people, you must make yourself the victim, not the child you brutally slaughtered.

In Defense of the Defenseless

This little angel was killed by their mother just like your son or daughter was. This is the true face of abortion, not the sugar coated version you are so desperately clinging to. This child was your child. This child is every child destroyed by the idea that mothers should sacrifice their children instead of sacrificing for their children.

When people commit horrific atrocities they must band together and offer each other reassurances that what they are doing is morally right. I can assure you that ripping babies apart while cradled in the womb is not moral or right. You and those like you took advantage of an unjust law. You violated the human rights of your own child and now you wallow in self pity and the condolences of those who advocate for the unbridled destruction of helpless little boys and girls. While this may comfort you, it will never change what you have done.

Even so, it’s not too late to rise above the cruelty of abortion. Reject the idea that some lives matter less and take a stand in defense of the children scheduled to die today. Honor the child you killed by sparing others from having to endure their fate.

Take a stand in defense of the defenseless.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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