If you stand among those who have killed their own children while cradled in the womb, the time has come to honor your child in a way that will lead to true redemption. The time has come to boldly stand for something far greater than yourself.

Our culture has so severely deteriorated over the last several decades that we have come to embrace a choice so unthinkable and so depraved that not only would our ancestors bow their heads in shame, but so too will our future generations. This choice has resulted in the mass destruction of hundreds of millions of our own children, members of our own human family. This choice is abortion.

Endless volumes could be filled with the reasons why this choice, this psychological and sociological cancer, has afflicted our species. And when this cancer is finally cut from the fabric of humanity, there will be time to reflect, time to fill those volumes. But that time is not now. The debate must end if we are to cleanse ourselves of this disease. You and you alone hold the power to cure us all.

The medicine we so desperately need is locked away deep in the conscience of those like you who have forsaken their children. It is shrouded in delusion and euphemism. It is tightly bound by guilt and denial, buried under a mountain of suppressed regret. The medicine we need will require naked exposure to the searing pain of accepting the reality that weakness, selfishness, fear, and doubt drove you to kill your own son or daughter. That you, as the mother of a defenseless child clinging to you for their very life, abandoned them, poisoned them, slaughtered them.

You can continue to dance around the stone cold truth while millions more die, or you can throw away the chains that bind you and free not only yourself, but the millions of children who will fall victim to the choice you once made. The choice to place yourself before the life of your child. Only by seeking the greater good and shouting to the world that you and you alone were wrong to have killed. That you and you alone betrayed your duty as a mother to your child, a caregiver to the weakest among us. That you and you alone are responsible for the choice that led to your child’s cruel death.

Why must this be done? Why can’t you just continue to blame your situation, your parents, your boyfriend, your husband, your rapist? Because the choice was yours and yours alone to make. Because you signed that form and you spread your legs before your child’s butcher. You and you alone. And only you can right this wrong. Only you can change the course of history by shining the light of truth into the darkest of abyss.

You must become what you have forsaken — hope for the future. The destruction you levied on your child represented not only their individual death, but the death of our collective humanity. Only by taking responsibility for your actions without clinging to the idea that you were coerced, intimidated, or misled, will our future generations know a world free of abortion. A world free of the idea that some lives matter less.

Do you think me mad? Do you think I am a cruel zealot so lost in my own crusade that you should dismiss my plea? Honestly ask yourself this one simple question…

Would the same circumstances that led me to kill the child cradled in my womb have led me to kill that same child if cradled in my arms?

Thousands of innocent living children are scheduled to die today and millions more will be led to their slaughter over the coming years unless you find the courage to stand naked before the world and own what you have done. The time has finally come to rise above your fear and take an unwavering stand in defense of the defenseless.

The time has come.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. This is very well written. Thank you!


  2. There’s so much that goes into this. What about the millions of children that are alive and unwanted? Or the increasing population that is unsustainable with our current way of life and will eventually lead to a max exodus of the human species? All those kids will be adults and die then. Please open up your mind and if you are talking like this and haven’t had an abortion, go put yourself in other people’s shoes because this seems really closed minded to me. In native cultures it is believed that a child can be visiting and know it was going to be aborted or miscarried. It is also part of the divine plan.


    1. Added note: having abortion available led to a significant decrease in unwanted, abandoned, and otherwise poorly treated children.


      1. It is quite chilling if the best or even only perceivable way of improving children’s living conditions is to ensure that they can be killed prior to birth unless they are really wanted.


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