In Defense of the DefenselessA German mother prematurely gave birth to this little girl, Frieda Mangold, in 2010, only 21 weeks and 5 days into her pregnancy, conferring on her daughter the record for earliest born baby in Europe to survive. Frieda shares this record with James Gill who was born in Canada at the same age in 1987.

Children like Frieda and James are routinely killed through abortion on demand in the United States of America. We the people are legally slaughtering children like them simply because we can. Because they are defenseless and voiceless.

In Defense of the Defenseless

Will you take a stand in their defense?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. Per usual, you’re falsely presenting this as typical, as if those born at this age will or can routinely survive. There are now exactly two cases in all medical history of survivors at this age. But Frieda also had a twin brother, and he died, as have all the others born this prematurely. 99.99%+ of all cases this young haven’t got sufficiently developed lungs or pleura. They can’t breathe air, and will suffocate, sometimes struggling, sometimes quietly, within minutes. Since there’s no medical treatment available to ease or reverse the discomfort caused by such extreme prematurity, I suppose you think it’s more “moral” to allow them all to squirm and drown in the fluid from their own partly-grown lungs – in the remote hope you might get a one-in-a-billion exception like Frieda.

    The justification of suffering through blind adherence to extreme ideology is cruelty of the highest order.


    1. Per usual, your blind adherence to extreme ideology is cruelty of the highest order. The point of this post was to demonstrate the humanity of a preborn child at 21 weeks gestation. Tens of thousands of children Freida’s age, who are perfectly healthy and who will make it to term, are killed through the inhuman act of abortion on demand each and every year. Their limbs are literally ripped from their living bodies with steel forceps so their parts can be pulled through their mother’s artificially dilated cervix. They are killed because their mothers and fathers don’t love them or want them.

      To be honest, I’m not even sure what your point was. No one is advocating for the killing of premature children following their birth to alleviate suffering.


    2. The point is that these are human babies. They have a right to life and not be murdered. Point is a child could be born and survive. Point is if the child wasn’t murdered they would have the chance to live.


  2. I would like to see a picture of frieda mangold today. What a powerful testimony


  3. Every other person in this comment section intentionally ignores mikey’s premise. That the odds of a ferus birthed at 21 weeks surviving are astronomically against them. This article even outlines how of all the preemies born at this stage of gestation, exactly two – one of which was not Freida’s twin brother – have survived. Pointing to a statistical anomaly so rare that it is not only insignificant, it may as well not have happened at all with respect to the overall effect it will have on the analysis and screaming “Look! Look! We told you so.” is not only intellectually dishonest, it completely undermines the protester’s credibility.

    Everyone should be happy this child survived. Policy cannot be made on the 1 in 1,000,000,000 statistical outlier.


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