Why do you seem to think it is perfectly okay to murder those considered terrorists and those on death row, whereas abortion is wrong?


I oppose the death penalty for the same reason I oppose abortion. Both represent the killing of defenseless human beings. Even though the person on death row is guilty of a heinous crime, they are caged and thus defenseless. Killing caged humans will never move us toward a culture of life and sends the message that killing defenseless humans is an acceptable way to solve problems, exactly what proponents of abortion advocate.

The only time killing a human being is justified is in self defense or in the defense of others. Notice the image of the Islamic terrorist below. He is killing a Christian child because their family would not disavow their religion. Notice that he is not caged and therefore continues to pose a threat to other human beings. He must either be captured or killed to protect the innocent.

This is a terrorist…

In Defense of the Defenseless

This is a death row inmate…

In Defense of the Defenseless

This is a preborn child…

In Defense of the Defenseless

Remember, not only are the preborn innocent, they are also caged.

To summarize…

  • Killing innocent preborn humans is wrong.
  • Killing caged humans is wrong.
  • Killing uncaged terrorists is self defense.

See this post to learn more.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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