This mother wrote a letter to her preborn child following the Brussels terrorist attack, an attack they survived together…

Hi sweetheart. I don’t know if we already acknowledged this with you in person, but when you were 16 weeks old, mum and dad were at an explosion at Brussels Airport.

And no matter where humanity is today, I just want to tell you that life is a wonderful thing, and the world is really full of remarkable people.

You didn’t just give mum and dad faith and reason to live, you gave us the awareness and presence of mind like never before.

I felt more alive than I ever have, and I knew I had to protect you, so I was calm, composed and fully aware that we will survive.

When we reached Sint-Augustinus emergency, and we saw you oblivious and sucking at your thumb at the ultrasound, and doing your general acrobatics, all the mistrust, hate and angst for the terrorist attack vaporised.

I do hope with all my heart that you are born into a better world, and if not, then you do your absolute best to make it that.

You are absolutely precious to us, and have already been a hero today.

I guess much of the world cares about you, and has sent so much love your way.

May you always be brave and healthy. We love you beyond words.

Mum and Dad.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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