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the shit both betterthanabortion and cultureshift are doing is manipulative psychological abuse. they are literally trying to tear that girl (gmeerkitten) apart and destroy her life, and I seriously doubt they’re ever going to stop.


and yet pro lifers are still defending cultureshit and all of his psychological and emotional abuse because ‘he’s offering to give someone money so he’s not that bad a guy!!’ >.> yeah, because $500 would totally offset the costs of pregnancy and childbirth.


@gmeerkitten​ loves to post about the slaughter of her son. I’m not trying to ‘destroy her life’, that’s something she did to her child. Let’s not confuse the issue. But I will absolutely exercise my right to confront her and others who publicly use their child’s cruel death to encourage others to kill their children. That you can count on.

I actually increased my offer to $10,000 via private message, and she still killed her baby. And trust me, I would have absolutely given it to her. Even my daughter was in disbelief. So I asked her what she would do if there was a newborn baby sleeping in their crib and a man walked up to them with a pair of pliers and was about to twist and pull their limbs from their body. She immediately understood why I was willing to do so much to intervene.

We are not ‘abusive’’ people. We just understand the value of a child’s life, no matter where they are located and no matter how dependent they may be. The ultimate abuse is abortion itself.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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  1. @anonymous and @howprolifeareyou, I am sorry to say this but alot of girls are aborting their babies because their better halves (partners, boyfriends) and/or parents are forcing them to do so. When you say its HER BODY HER CHOICE, actually the reality of the matter is its HER CHILD’S BODY AND HER BOYFRIEND’S CHOICE.

    What gmeerkitten did and what other women like her a re doing is merely out of peer pressure, she admitted that she had been on heroin for a while, which ofcourse can tell you quite a few things about her making that final decision. She was also on a funding of $700 for her abortion, whereas a quite number of Pro Humanity proposed to adopt her child, or even adopt the expenses of her child.

    Anyway, just because some Pro Humanity people are trying to expose the under-the-table deals tied with abortion, as well as “rescuing” those innocent lives in dire need of a voice, you actually have no right whatsoever to bully them. And unfortunately enough for your kind Pro-Anti-Humanity people, Bullying, Slandering, Swearing and blatantly wearing slogans like “We Kill Our Babies” has become a norm. Get outta here peeps!


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