Mother Posts Picture of her Miscarried Child to Promote Abortion


I had a miscarriage and just passed my fetus. I believe it to be between 8 and 9 weeks. It’s so tiny you can’t imagine.

In Defense of the Defenseless

There’s never good pics and size representations for intact early fetuses/embryos. This is my guess. Notice how small it is, about the size of a pea. This was from an unwanted pregnancy from someone who sexually assaulted me, so please no sympathy for my “loss”.


Because you are uneducated about the value of life, I wouldn’t expect you to be able to identify the age of the child you are so happy to see dead.

In Defense of the Defenseless

A dime is 17.9 millimeters in diameter. Your child was five weeks old.

Do you not see your own cruel depravity for what it is? You are using the miscarriage of your own son or daughter to promote abortion. You see, the problem with legally condoning the killing of innocent human beings is that there is no bottom to the abyss. You have gleefully dug through the miscarried remains of an innocent child so you could use their photo to promote the intentional slaughter of healthy prenatal children.

You and your disturbing act are why we must outlaw the killing of the preborn. You have lost complete touch with your humanity.

3 responses to Mother Posts Picture of her Miscarried Child to Promote Abortion

  1. Brooke

    Whoever wrote this reply is a moron. She had a miscarriage of a child she didn’t want as a result of sexual assault. How are you trying to push your anti abortion agenda with a story like that? Women shouldn’t be force to have the child of their rapist. You’re a sick person.


    • cultureshift – Author

      My daughter was conceived through rape and she’s just as valuable as you are, as is the child in this photo whose death is being used to promote the killing of innocent children. A child should never pay for the crimes of their father and that’s exactly what this mother is implying. Remember, she runs a blog 100% committed to extolling the benefits of killing prenatal children.

      Abortion is a human atrocity committed against the most vulnerable among us. You support this barbaric practice and I oppose it. Maybe you need to re-evaluate your assessment of what makes a person sick.


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