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I know you feel empowered, like you’ve exercised your ‘rights’. And I know that now that you have killed a child, your heart will harden even more. I only ask that as time goes by and you gain life experience and the wisdom it brings, that you reflect on the humanity of the child you aborted. Just like you were once cradled in the womb, so too was he. Your mother protected and nurtured you, something you denied your child. But this doesn’t mean you can’t someday own what you have done and become something greater than yourself.

Though you and others may find it hard to believe, I am devastated by your actions. My $10,000 offer was real, as was my offer to adopt your son or help you place him with a loving family. To understand what I am saying, you must consider my perspective. I see no difference between a five month old prenatal child and a five month old born child, because there isn’t one. They are both equal human beings. How would you react to a mother blogging about killing her five month old infant? That’s how I feel about your son’s death and that’s why I worked so hard to intervene.

I know my words seem empty to you. Just understand that I felt empathy for your son while your were killing him. That I have kept him in my thoughts throughout this sad process, and that having to imagine his abortionist twisting his limbs from his living body today hurt me more than you will ever know. My little sister shared the same fate as your son. I may have never met her, but I carry her in my heart and I dedicate my efforts to ending the tragedy of abortion to her memory. As I will for your son.

Please reach out to me if you ever awaken to the reality of what you did today. The only way to truly heal when that happens is to work to save other women and children from the death and anguish of abortion. All I want for our world is a respect for the dignity and value of all human life. Nothing more. Nothing less. Once that is achieved, other human atrocities will begin to fade and we will have built a better world for future generations.

Silent No More.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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