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So my procedure actually finished like… An hour and a half ago. I went in, they asked my name, told me to sit down. I sat, within like ten minutes they called me back to take my bp and heart rate. They gave me this surgical gown which looked eerily like what I always imagined my mother would have worn to prom, and some little cheap yet soft disposable shoes and a dorky little hairnet.

Then they put the iv nib in me, asked if I had any questions or concerns about the procedure. I said no, a few minutes later they pulled me into the operating room. Frankly things in the OR moved really quickly, which made me very anxious, but I told them that I was anxious and they backed off and slowed down a bit. They put one of those things that pumps oxygen up into your nose, had me sit in the pap smear position with my butt at the edge of the table with my knees totally bent, and put the anesthesia into my iv. I told them I was having some sensory issues with how dehydrated I felt, so they also gave me an iv. The doctor was holding my hand and talking to me in a soothing voice, she told me they wouldn’t do anything until I was under and then she kept talking, but that anesthesia was the good stuff because I was OUT. Overall, from arrival to the clinic to getting on the table was about an hour and ten minutes.

In Defense of the Defenseless

I woke up (about ten minutes later) in the recovery ward. There was a nurse by my side who immediately told me that I was at the recovery area, I was safe, the procedure was over, and asked me how I was feeling. I had a pain in my uterus: honestly not even really strong cramping, just a dull ache. She asked me what I needed and I said I wanted the bathroom. She helped me to the bathroom and I sat there for probably like twenty minutes or so. I was freaking out a little because the meds had me shaking uncontrollably, and the pain intensified a little. They knocked on the door a few times just to makes sure I hadn’t fallen or anything. I had some water and almost immediately it came back up, but the second cup stayed down. I got dressed and just sort of hung out for another ten minutes or so. The shaking stopped, they had me sign a slip saying I released to myself a copy of the ultrasound, and then gave me the pics. They gave me a note for work, without their header on it, saying that they were a medical facility and that I should be excused from work for the two days I was there, and for three days afterwards.

One of the girls in the room with me (her name was J, she had been right after me through the whole process both days) was super upset, so I asked her if she needed a hug, and I gave her that and my phone number in case she needed someone to talk to about her feelings. And then the other girl (A, who was right BEFORE me through the whole process both days) asked for a hug too, and she was having really bad cramps so I gave her a disposable heating pad from my bag. And I hope they’re both okay.

So far I’ve had pain that’s manageable with the pain pills they gave me yesterday and a heating pad, mild bleeding (like spotting), and a little bit of pain that seems to be more in my back.

Altogether, it was about two hours in the clinic on this second day. Everyone was very respectful and gentle, and professional. Everyone put my feelings first. If I needed this procedure again at any point, I would have no anxiety over it at all except for the logistics of money and finding a ride, etc.

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