See my plea to save her child’s life.


So we got up at like 5:30 and took the puppies to my boyfriend’s parents house. And on the way they both got sick in the car and puked all over me. So that was shitty. And I had three panic attacks on the way down 85 because I was freaking out that I was going to be late and get in trouble.

When I got there, there was a really nice security guard who checked my ID and told me that there was no cell phones allowed in the main seating area. So I went and the lady had me fill out some paperwork, and I sat there and looked around and everybody looked a little jittery. There was probably like a dozen people there. We waited for like twenty minutes and they called me to the back. I had an ultrasound (which was really comforting? Like looking at the screen confirmed for me again that this was the right choice. This is good. This is what is necessary. I opted out of hearing the fetal heartbeat because frankly hearing my own heartbeat makes me very uncomfortable and the entire experience was anxiety ridden enough already.

In Defense of the DefenselessSo then I got blood pressure heart rate blood type all that done. The technician was really sweet. And they test for HIV at the same time, I’m -. So that’s good. Then I went and paid $740. And I talked with a health counsellor about how I was feeling, went over the procedure and aftercare, fun stuff. Then they gave me a xanax and ibuprofen to prepare me for the laminaria insertion. The xanax, holy crap, kicked in in like… Ten minutes? And I talked to another girl about superheroes and trans issues and how her fetus has a chromosomal mutation that means it would only live for three or so days after birth and she already has kids so it’s not worth the trauma. And the whole clinic had signs everywhere about HIV testing and apparently they offer trans resources???? Awesome??? And the paperwork asked me for my preferred pronoun, he/she/ze?? And they had Spanish translators standing by. And domestic abuse resources. And it was awesome. And apparently her older daughter was amab and the clinic helped them out tons with figuring all that out and they were super respectful?? And I’m just overwhelmed by how amazing this clinic was.

and then I went in and they put my feet in stirrups and put in the spectrum or whatever and that actually hurt a lot (I should note that I have some stuff with my cervix that makes most things going in there really painful, like I can’t use tampons even, so most people with uteruses probably would have an easier time) and they had to put in five sticks instead of the two or three I was expecting (and those hurt too, see above parenthetical note) but honestly the pain started easing up like right as soon as the speculum was removed.

And then I left. The whole thing took about 3 hours, much less than I had been told to expect. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. They gave me Tylenol w codeine and some antibiotics just for today. And I’m not really sure what happened. Like I just hit the car and fell asleep. Somehow we ended up at the hotel and I slept there too. But I’ve clearly woken up at some point because I’ve been reblogging things???? Yeah. Anyways. Everything’s good so far, Jurassic Park marathon on the TV, pain meds feeling pretty chill, heating pad on my belly. I’ll be back at 9am tomorrow for the actual procedure.

UPDATE: Sadly, this depraved mother went forward with the slaughter of her child.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. Its still not late kitten…..if you are heartful for your pupps why not for your child.? She is praying for mercy right now…..please go to a hospital and get on prenatals…..:'((((


  2. Sadly, this child was brutally killed today. See their mother’s callous review of their abortion: Please help me to end this human tragedy. Vote pro-life before any other consideration. Aren’t our children worth your voice?


  3. Please, reconsider! Before it’s too late!
    (Where can I contact her? Please?)


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