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@gmeerkitten: You may find this unimaginable, but I love you and I love your child. Both of you are members of my human family and I want to protect both of you from the tragedy of abortion. Please reach out to me. The only thing you have to fear is fear itself. I promise, you will thank me after you hold your son or daughter in your arms.

If you do move forward with their death, remember that I’m here for you as you place your feet in those stirrups. Remember that you had a better way as your child’s abortionist begins to reach into your womb. Remember that you had a better choice as your child’s limbs are ripped from their body. And remember that you can change your mind even while you are inside the building where your child will be killed.

Reach out to hope and embrace the life of your son or daughter. They desperately need us to work together to find a better way.


This is so far beyond gross. It’s the least helpful, most invasive and manipulative post I’ve seen in ages.


You know what’s really ‘gross’? The fact that this mother is going to kill her five month old child tomorrow. Is my plea for their life what really bothers you? Why doesn’t this child’s imminent death bother you? Maybe you need to reconsider your humanity. Maybe you should think about what’s really important in our often sad broken world. People like you wail at the loss of a child to a deranged gunman, but support their slaughter while living in the womb. If this child that you support killing were born and later shot in a classroom, you’d weep for them. I weep for them now as I would then.


A fetus is not a child and what’s really important in our world is that bodily autonomy is intact. No one, born or otherwise, has the right to use another person’s body. Not a 5 month old fetus and not even a 5 month old (actual) child. Maybe try worrying about your own reproductive choices and mind your own business while you’re at it. If someone wants a child but can’t afford it, by all means help them out so they can carry and raise it. If they choose otherwise move along and help someone who wants your help.


You are clearly struggling with cognitive dissonance…

“A fetus is not a child…”

“If someone wants a child but can’t afford it, by all means help them out so they can carry and raise it.”

I thought they were just carrying a ‘fetus’. You and I both know that a little boy or girl living in the womb is just as much a child as they are following their birth.

In Defense of the Defenseless

Accept the reality of what you advocate for.


Omg cultureshift are you fucking serious right now? Other people’s decisions with their bodies have nothing to do with you, stop it with the weird fetus-worshipping complex thing and go donate to an orphanage or go and care for all the kids in adoption waiting for help and do something worthwhile instead of manipulating people to feel bad on the internet.


I’m fighting for the life of a five month old CHILD – an innocent living human being. This is not some game devoid of consequences. If this mother changes her mind and protects her child’s life, I promise you that if I showed them these posts after they grew up they would thank me for fighting so hard for them. Why not join me in helping this mother hold on to the life of her child instead of fighting so hard to lead them to their slaughter?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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  1. If you don’t want the child why getting pregnant in the first place, we are in the 20th century, ever heard about birth control? The heart of an unborn child starts beating a few weeks after conception. If you don’t want a child give it to someone who loves it, for adaption, don’t kill it, because you had fun at one point. I hope you women who do abortions and doctors can live with the guilt of killing. Heart beats, kid is a life, born or unborn, doesn’t matter. The only two reasons I can accept abortion is, if a life is in danger do to illness or disease, or the woman got raped. There is no other reason. And before a woman make the decision to abort a child, have a long talk with God, or don’t you women know or believe in God? Think before you act!


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