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$500.00 a month… yeah, cause that is totes what her body is worth… you are so rude. if you really want to help, how about helping children that are already in need of a home find one. or do children stop being important to you after they pass out of infancy???


Sadly, her child IS in need of a home. He or she is about to be ripped apart while still alive in the womb. By offering @gmeerkitten $500 a month AND offering to adopt her child, I would be helping to provide a home to a child in need of one.

I am so tired of the pro-abortion lie that advocates of life don’t care about children after they are born. Guess who runs soup kitchens, pregnancy resource centers, and homeless shelters? Pro-life organizations! I have personally given thousands of dollars to help single mothers make it through unpaid maternity leave, to stock pregnancy center shelves with diapers, clothes, bottles, and various other items. I have taken homeless people to dinner, donated hundreds of items to food pantries, and directly given cash to the people living on the street to help them make it another day.

Life is bigger than just ourselves, something abortion advocates miserably fail to understand. We can help the preborn and the post-born at the same time. It’s not hard. Please tell me what you have done for those already born? It’s clear you’ve done nothing for those awaiting their birth.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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