I was pro-choice until I became an OBGYN. Science tells me that human life starts in the womb and that abortion ends the life of a developing human. The words embryo and fetus don’t mean the unborn baby isn’t human. They’re just scientific names for human life at a certain stage. It’s not an embryo, it’s a human embryo (if I didn’t state that, for all you know I could be talking about a dog embryo or a cat embryo). Human beings can only produce other human beings. It’s how biology works.


I’m so glad that you were able to awaken from the lies of the abortion culture. Sadly, many will never become OB/GYNs and will not be exposed to the reality of human life in the womb. That’s where the pro-life movement comes in. We are working to build a culture founded on the science and beauty of human life. Something abortion has grotesquely warped and twisted into a culture founded on death and depravity.

Nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing a mother carry her child into an abortion facility to have them put to death. Not only is the child’s death a tragedy, but so is the culture that allows it. A culture that has fully embraced the killing of little preborn boys and girls for any reason at all. The vast majority of abortions, over 97%, are committed for purely selfish reasons. Mothers have killed their children to avoid stretch marks or because their child had a cleft lip or because they were the ‘wrong’ sex.

Just as we have overcome other human atrocities, I am confident that we will also overcome the atrocity of human abortion. I don’t want what’s left of future generations to have to inherit our fallen world.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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