When I was sitting in the abortion clinic panicking, tears streaming down my face, not one single person in that clinic showed me any compassion, concern or care. I felt invisible, even my own mother ignored the desperation in my eyes. I often wonder if I had been able to see the ultrasound screen or listen to their heartbeat if that would’ve changed anything and my babies would be here today. I certainly think it would have. Looking back, they definitely made sure not one ounce of my babies humanity was shown to me and I hate to wonder how many other women or young girls they do this to. I also wonder if they had given me information about other alternatives (parenting, adoption) if that would’ve changed anything either but they didn’t. Not one single pamphlet or mention of an adoption agency, it was all strictly abortion. Where was my choice? But I get it, they were about to make a quick 700 bucks off of a vulnerable, scared, young girl. Why risk me leaving w/o having had an abortion, with hope that I could parent or give my baby to a loving family. No, they got their blood money and all they had to do was manipulate me.

So, whenever I hear how great abortion is for women it makes me so incredibly sad. Sad because it wasn’t great for me, it was pure hell and I’m not the only one abortion has harmed.

Abortion exploits, manipulates, and lies to women. Don’t let them tell you any different because I’ve lived through it.

(I was 14 & 16 years old and forced both times by my mom. There was no choice involved for me, only coercion. And actually, abortion clinics are SUPPOSED to make sure that abortion is what you really want, they do this by counseling you, offering other options, giving you a wait period, showing ultrasound pictures, or letting you hear the heartbeat. They did NONE of that with me. If they had, maybe I would’ve fought harder.)

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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