Just Look the Other Way


I love how you say pro-choice advocates ‘erase teh almighty fetus’ when you do a fantastic job of erasing non-women who get pregnant. A lot of trans men and non-binary people (hi I’m one of them) do have a uterus and can get pregnant, but you don’t seem to have a problem misgendering us for the sake of fetuses, do you? Just delete your account and go do something productive with your life already.


I could care less how you personally identify. I could care less how a child in the womb will one day personally identify. What I do care about is that we stop poisoning and slaughtering them.

Imagine if the Holocaust were still underway and I was a German citizen opposed to the oppression and genocide of the Jews and other groups. Should my fight against the Nazi ideology driving their destruction be invalidated because I failed to mention every one of their gender identities in my struggle to stop the killing? Would you want me to just ‘delete my account’ and let the slaughter continue unchecked because I failed to properly recognize someone’s orientation?

Become the man you claim to be and stop attacking the messenger. If you support the mass slaughter of preborn children, then argue your case. Stop hiding behind red herrings and confront the issue at hand. Trust me, your gender identity is the least of this world’s problems.

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