Logically Challenged

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Oh shut the fuck up. Even if I had been aborted I’d be pro choice or whatever (i’m an atheist idk) but no I don’t much care for living. I’d be fine if I was aborted. Fetuses don’t give a shit either because they aren’t even intelligent enough to realise they’re about to die so..?


“Even if I had been aborted I’d be pro choice…”

I know you are logically challenged given that you are trying to defend the indefensible — the slaughter and poisoning of innocent little boys and girls in the womb. Guess what, I’m an atheist too. You don’t have to embrace evil to be an atheist. Morality is not determined by religion, it’s determined by our own internal moral compass. Abortion is not a religious issue, it’s a human rights issue. I challenge you to place a child’s hand on a pregnant mother’s swollen belly and ask them if she should kill the baby living inside. I promise you they will never fail to say no. That’s the basic human understanding of the difference between right and wrong in action. Children have to be taught to kill the preborn, just as you were.

Let these children be your guide.

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