Pro-Choice Violence Extends Beyond The Womb

In Defense of the Defenseless

Meet Harlan Drake, a pro-choice advocate who gunned down and killed pro-life activist James Pouillon while peacefully protesting on a public sidewalk in Owosso, Michigan, on September 11, 2009.

Abortion advocates love to highlight violence against abortionists, yet remain silent when their side kills peaceful protesters defending the lives of innocent preborn children.

Statistical summary of pro-choice violence and illegal activities committed since Roe v. Wade (last updated June 14, 2011):

  • Pro-Choice Violence Committed against People – 5,841
  • Pro-Choice Crimes against Property – 863
  • Miscellaneous Pro-Choice Violence and Crimes – 4,971

Total 11,675

When the violence against preborn children is included, the statistics soar to over 58,000,000 human beings killed by choice.

Violence should be condemned on both sides of this debate over life and death, but the violence of the pro-choice side should not be hidden away by the liberal media. Only through truth can we attain true understanding.

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