By Jonathon Van Maren

When I was asked to review the new documentary Hush, which examines the complications surrounding the abortion procedure, I was prepared to be unimpressed. First of all, I don’t spend a lot of time highlighting abortion complications because I consider that to be one of the weakest arguments against abortion—abortion isn’t wrong because it hurts women, it is wrong because it destroys their children. Secondly, the documentarian was independent filmmaker Punam Gill, who is avowedly pro-choice—and spends the first ten minutes of the documentary affirming this fact ad nauseam.

By the end of the film, I took back my initial assessment. Gill takes a serious and unblinking look at the reality of abortion complications—and gives a scathing, informative, and refreshing take on the almost universal efforts of many medical organizations to suppress information they feel would reflect negatively on abortion.

Gill admits that she was initially suspicious of pro-life claims that abortion could cause a wide range of serious complications, simply because she felt that an anti-abortion bias could propel pro-lifers to make such claims for purely political reasons. But as she embarked on her investigation, she soon found that it was the pro-choice movement that was engaging in a wide-scale cover-up, refusing to address even the most basic questions from medical researchers who had found irrefutable correlations between, for example, abortion and breast cancer.

When she interviewed Dr. David Grimes, an abortionist, he responded to research by medical researchers such as Dr. Joel Brind by rattling off a list of medical organizations that had declared abortion a complication-free procedure, including the American Cancer Society and the World Health Organization. Gill went looking for answers from these organizations, noting that she wanted to find out why there seemed to be such a discrepancy between what many in the medical community said about abortion complications and the experiences of women she spoke with.

Without exception, each of these organizations refused to speak with her. None of them would answer her questions. All of them informed her that the case was closed. When those groups referred to the National Cancer Institute’s decision at a 2002 conference to announce that there was no link between abortion and breast cancer based on a 20-minute presentation by a researcher and in defiance of a mountain of evidence to the contrary, she decided to visit the National Cancer Institute to ask questions. She was refused entry and escorted off the grounds by security.

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