A More Efficient Way to Kill


You know, the modern abortion procedure wherein the fetus is separated into pieces didn’t originally exist. There was a much safer, more efficient and more effective procedure where the fetus would be removed fully so that the family could grieve for it. But you know what? Pro-lifers decided that people who got abortions – even if they did it to save their own life – didn’t deserve that, and they passed laws to replace it with the modern one. Great job, assholes. You’ve really come far.


Actually, you couldn’t be more wrong. The most important thing about the debate over whether or not we should be killing our children while living in the womb is education. Don’t you at least owe them that much?

Partial birth abortion was only used on late-term children and involved cutting a hole in the base of their heads and sucking their brains out with an aspirator.

partial 1

Dismemberment abortion (D&E) has always been around and is typically used after the 13th week of life.

In Defense of the Defenseless

Aspiration abortion (D&C) is typically used between the 5th and 12th week of life. It also dismembers its victims by ripping them into pieces as they are sucked through a cannula. Any remains are scrapped from the womb with a razor sharp curette.

In Defense of the Defenseless

Fortunately, states are now beginning to pass laws banning the dismemberment of prenatal children. Eventually, we will end the tragedy of abortion and reclaim our humanity.

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