By Ryan Scott Bomberger.

My sisters were girl scouts. And they loved it. I remember how they would come home singing songs I’ve never heard, breaking into harmony, and laughing about a jingle with billboards and flow-through tea bags. Do-Si-Dos (my personal favorite) and other sugary goodness were a reminder of how sweet it was that my sisters were involved in Girl Scouts.

They didn’t earn badges advocating for “reproductive rights” or bring home books celebrating pro-abortion activists like Gloria Steinem, Wendy Davis, or NARAL/NOW founder Betty Friedan (who also served as a GSUSA Board member).

But time has a way of corrupting good and noble founding principles. The devolution of Girl Scouts USA, which heavily relies upon the massive $790 million it pulls in with its annual cookie sales, is glaringly evident for those who choose to look. And yes, while it’s true that most cookie sale dollars stay with their local council/troops, one third of all cookie sales are paid to the bakers for the production and shipping of the cookies. Then, Girl Scouts USA gets paid millions in license fees from those bakers depending on the total sum of individual councils’ cookie sales. The more cookies sold, the more money the national Girl Scouts organization makes.

The Radiance Foundation joins many other concerned organizations and parents, across the nation, in the national CookieCott to raise awareness of GSUSA’s radical pro-abortion and anti-family actions and policies.

Learn more at the Radiance Foundation.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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