Help please? I just had someone ask me if I think someone would be a bad ‘mother’ if they took drugs during pregnancy and how come hurting your ‘own baby’ with drugs is bad but ‘hurting’ it with abortion isn’t.

I have a few things in mind like a) a fetus cannot suffer, but if they carry out, they would hurt the then infant, b) taking drugs should not be demonized, as that will not help, but I feel like I am missing something… I mean there are so many ways the pregnant person can (deliberately or accidentally) damage their fetus, which the infant has to live with. Could you help me there please?


Hi Anon! The difference between abortion and harming a fetus with drugs is that abortion stems from a choice of not wanting to be pregnant. No other person has to suffer once the pregnancy is terminated. Harming a wanted fetus (which a pregnant person has every right to call baby, assuming they have chosen to give birth), however, harms the fetus in ways that will affect a person who is to be fully developed. While it still is the pregnant person’s body, they have knowingly chosen to give birth and share their body with this fetus. I understand that some pregnant people need certain drugs for preexisting health conditions. However, I think that continuing to take recreational drugs in the circumstance of a willing pregnancy is irresponsible.



There are so many contradictions with this question and its answer. Of course, this stems from the fact that abortion advocates must contend with protecting a human life in the womb when ‘wanted’ and killing that same human life when ‘unwanted’. What a ludicrous position to put yourself in.

First, the anon seems to think a fetus and the resulting infant are different beings. In fact, they are simply terms describing the stages of life of the same person.

Second, Kyoung seems to think it’s perfectly fine to kill a child in the womb if unwanted. I assume they would also be fine with that unwanted child’s mother doing drugs and drinking heavily while pregnant so long as she intends to kill them.

Third, Kyoung stated that it would be irresponsible to do drugs while pregnant with a wanted child. Doesn’t this infringe on the bodily autonomy of the mother? After all, her ‘fetus’ is just a clump of cells, right? [I know, they are going to magically morph into a human being at birth]

This is what we must take away from this lunacy:

  • Wanted child = loss of bodily autonomy of the mother = no drugs.
  • Unwanted child = full bodily autonomy of the mother = inject heroin.

It’s never too late to reject the depravity of the abortion ideology. It’s never too late to reclaim your humanity.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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  1. To be fair, this is understandable from pro-choice stance. After all, their solution to all problems concerning an unborn child is to kill it. Fetal death is a preferable option to every hardship that the child, or, as in most cases, his/her mother is expected to undergo. Thus ‘hurting’ it with abortion is not a bad thing at all, while hurting it with drugs is.


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