A Vile Thing to Hate


Some day, I hope somebody forces something on you, makes your life hell for it and makes you live with that vile thing you hate, for the rest of your life. Then you will know what you are creating by fighting abortion.


What a sad commentary. You believe that a child – YOUR OWN CHILD – is a ‘vile thing to hate’. Why? Clearly, you haven’t had any children of your own, at least that you haven’t killed by abortion, or you would understand something very important. You would understand that the greatest love of all comes from the love of a child.

In Defense of the Defenseless

You see, there is nothing in this world more important than family, whether it’s the family you were conceived into or the family you build. Family not only loves one another, they protect and care for one another. Abortion kills a living member of your own family.

I can assure you that I know exactly what I am creating: a world where mothers and fathers sacrifice for their children instead of sacrificing them. A world where all human life is equally valued. And a world where a mother would never see her child as a ‘vile thing to hate’.

One response to A Vile Thing to Hate

  1. tagyouritdotbiz

    It is so sad when I see these things from a woman that is so blessed to carry a child. My husband and I are trying to adopt a child and it is so difficult. If only they could see it from our eyes.


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