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You posted a picture of a baby you called aborted that CLEARLY was a third trimester miscarriage. Parts of it were starting to PUTREFY, you dumbass. That’s not the color a normal, healthy baby should be. Fuck you for turning the death of a child and a family’s grief into fodder for your heartless crusade.


Every single time someone who advocates for abortion is exposed to abortion, they immediately claim exactly what you are claiming. I fully understand that when our worldview is confronted with the reality of its brutal outcome, the painful process of cognitive dissonance is experienced. The baby I showed in that post was not miscarried. Miscarriages rarely occur past the first trimester. That child, along with her twin, was killed by saline abortion at the end of the second trimester. The blackened color of her skin was caused by the salt and bruising from the violent artificially induced contractions used to extract her from the womb. Further, she and her sister had been stored in formaldehyde before being laid to rest by a priest. Visit Priests for Life to see more photos of this little girl and her sister. And remember, it’s your crusade that resulted in her death. It’s your crusade that is truly heartless.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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