Spanish Eurovision contestant, Soraya Arnelas put on a pretty unique concert for a group of ten women. All of whom were pregnant, and all were wearing a special device inside their vaginas.

Yes, you heard that right, these expecting mamas were all wearing a little Babypod gynaecological device in their special places! Created by Barcelona-based Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic Institut Marquès, the speaker allows unborn babies to listen to music in the womb. You just have to insert one up your hoo-ha first. The device is essentially a speaker, worn like a musical tampon and connected to a smartphone. This gives us all the LOLS, but we’d totally try it.

The Babypod was made as the result of a study that proved babies can respond to a musical stimulus in utero by moving their little mouths. Studies say a foetus can hear from as early as 18 weeks since LMP or 16 weeks from conception.

The singer at the concert added, “I’ve never been performing for such a young audience so for me, it’s a very special show!”


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