My girlfriend and I are both 17, she got pregnant recently, but we live in a state where abortion is illegal. The other day she started bleeding and we went to the doctor and were told she was miscarrying. I think she induced abortion. She’d always been really pro choice but I never thought she’d try something like that. What makes me think that is that they found stuff in her system that suggests an abortifacient drug. What do I do?


Sadly, abortion is legal in every state. Even sadder is that your girlfriend likely killed the child you both brought into this world. What you must never forget is that your son or daughter was once alive – just as alive as you are. And they were killed by their own mother. Never forget that you were and always will be a father. Tragically, you are now the father of a dead child.

My words may seem harsh, but they are far less harsh than cruelly suffocating a living human being. You see, that’s exactly what abortifacient drugs do to a preborn baby. They cause them to dislodge from the placenta, cutting off the oxygen rich blood they were receiving. It’s no different than placing a pillow over your newborn’s face and pressing down until they die. Please don’t trivialize abortion and never allow others to do so. You have lost a child to its depraved practice, now fight like hell to save others from doing the same.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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