In Defense of the Defenseless

Gianna’s Planned Parenthood abortionist attempted to kill her by burning her skin and lungs with the saline solution he injected into her amniotic sac while she was passing through her 30th week of life.

In Defense of the Defenseless

This attempt to take her life was LEGAL in the United States of America and no charges were filed. Gianna’s life was just as valuable then as it is now.

What the hell are we doing? Why are we so misguided and lost? It’s time to wake up and admit what we all know to be true:  abortion is the intentional killing of our own sons and daughters. It’s sick. It’s depraved. And it should not only be ILLEGAL, it should be UNTHINKABLE.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. Since Gianna is one of only two documented cases in all medical history of live birth at that stage after that procedure, she’s not exactly typical or relevant to most situations. In 43 out of 50 states, the attempt to abort her either would have been illegal under any circumstances, or a different, safer procedure would have been used.

    Abortion has to be “thinkable”. All problems have to be thought about. You can’t make good decisions guided by emotion. People don’t want to pay for prenatal care for the poor, they don’t want to allow sex education (Most states teach 3 DAYS worth, to high schoolers already old enough to be HAVING sex!), they won’t pay for expanded support for adoption, foster care or child-support programs like school lunches and SNAP, they don’t want to pay for contraception methods AND they don’t want to allow abortion either. Sorry. Sex has consequences. Either you address the problems of poverty and ignorance more honestly, or you will be forced to deal with the results in a manner that seems inhumane.


  2. “A different, safer procedure”. You do realize that you are talking about the killing of innocent living human beings, right? People like you who support abortion love to remove emotion from the equation. I cannot think of anything more emotional than the slaughter of children. I suspect you will claim that what lives and grows in the human womb is not a human child, but just a clump of cells. Fortunately, the delusion and lies of the abortion industry and their supporters is beginning to evaporate in the face of social media and advancements in medical imaging technology.

    You are absolutely correct on one point – sex has consequences. Reproduction is the purpose of sex, not recreation. Claiming that we must deal with the children conceived from recreational sex by means that seem inhumane only highlights the underlying foundation of your ideology – inhumanity.


    1. I don’t “support” abortion. I just understand that if we, as a society, refuse to deal realistically with unwanted pregnancies, it will have to remain a tragic, legal necessity.

      But you wouldn’t understand that. You’re running on feelings in place of facts, and getting a thrill from calling me inhumane.


  3. I get no ‘thrill’ from calling you inhumane, I am simply stating the reality of your ideology. You see, there is no difference between killing a newborn and killing that same child in the womb. If you wouldn’t support the ‘tragic legal necessity’ of killing a newborn because they are facing poverty then you shouldn’t support the killing of the preborn. Simply put, there could never be enough ‘facts’ to warrant or justify the killing of an innocent living human being, especially a child.


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