Meet Marla and Michael Christopher Cardamone. Marla and Michael were killed during a ‘safe and legal’ abortion. Marla was 18 years old and Michael was 18 weeks old.

A medical counselor told Marla that the prescription medication she had been taking would cause her baby to be born with severe birth defects.

This counselor then began to push Marla to have an abortion. When she refused, the pressure was increased until it became more than she could resist. At that point, an abortionist was brought in to kill her baby at Magee-Women’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Because the abortion was never completed, Michael was still inside her when she died. Following Marla and Michael’s killing, it was determined that Michael had NO ABNORMALITIES.

Is this really the kind of culture we want to live in? A culture where doctors become killers and mothers become their accomplices? A culture where it’s legal to kill select classes of human beings on demand and without apology? A culture founded on death instead of centered on life?

Photos published with the approval and encouragement of Marla’s family, who want the world to know that abortion kills mothers as well as their children.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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