In Defense of the DefenselessThe Martian is a story about a man stranded alone on Mars and the lengths we might go through to save a single human life. This movie showcased an indomitable human spirit built upon a foundation of empathy for another. It illuminated the humanity of the many sacrificing for the one and the triumph of valuing human life above all other considerations.

Yet, here on Earth, we coldly abandon our littlest ‘Martians’. We destroy preborn human beings as if they were nothing to concern ourselves with. While living in their mother’s womb, each of them are just like the man left behind on Mars. Alone. In need of the support of others. So why do we so easily abandon them while they are clinging to life in another ‘world’? Why are we unable to empathize with those who represent what each of us once were?

Perhaps we should reevaluate how we view human life in the womb. Maybe we should imagine those awaiting their birth as little astronauts living their lives tethered not just to their mothers, but to each of us – their collective human family.

Imagine a world where the many struggle to save the few, the strong fight for the weak, and the born protect the unborn. Imagine a world where a single human life defines human life. Where the abandonment of one represents the abandonment of all. But that’s exactly what it does represent, doesn’t it? Each individual human being destroyed in the womb destroys our collective humanity. Isn’t it time to reclaim what we have so tragically lost? Isn’t it time to rekindle the human spirit that proudly proclaims “one for all and all for one”?

Isn’t it time to end the idea that we should abandon those who need us the most?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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