What have we become? The answer is clear: a society of craven little things that preys on its own offspring in the interest of the wants of the strong over the needs of the weak. Our failures have never been illuminated so brightly as with our cultural acceptance of human abortion. How did we get here? That answer is clear as well. We have evolved over millions of years to survive, and no tool has borne more fruit than self awareness and intellectual capacity. Our minds and the ideas they produce have vaulted us to the top of the food chain. Unfortunately, we developed another survival mechanism that has run its course yet painfully lingers to this day: selfishness.

As hunters and gatherers, selfishness served a very practical purpose. Now that our intelligence has reached a level that allows us to build machines and processes that can sustain us, we no longer need to rely on selfishness for survival, yet it lingers. Unfortunately, evolution is a slow process built around trial and error. The emotion of selfishness will not dissipate in the near term, but plague us for many more thousands of years. Selfishness coupled with intelligence is a dangerous mix. It has led to the greatest human atrocity we have ever known — the killing of our own sons and daughters in the womb.

Through intelligence, we have developed the methods needed to reach into the womb and kill those members of our human family too weak and defenseless to stop us. Through selfishness, we have justified their slaughter in the interest of maintaining our lifestyles and status. We have coupled intelligence with selfishness to destroy the very process that brought us to life — human reproduction. We have warped our sense of right and wrong to defeat the very mechanism that created our own existence at the expense of those awaiting their turn at birth.

Abortion, a term euphemistically embraced by those who champion for its practice, is nothing short of an existential threat to our species. The depravity it has unleashed on our world has destroyed millions of lives, flipping the model of parenting on its head. We now live in a world where mothers and fathers sacrifice their children as a means to avoid sacrificing for their children. This is an unsustainable model that will propagate an exponential increase in the destruction of human life as that life becomes commoditized and devalued to the point that selfishness eclipses our intellectual capacity to overcome it.

So how do we stop this self destruction and set ourselves on a path centered on the value of human life? We end the idea that we can improve our own lives by destroying others. We start by ripping this idea out by its roots, by ending the human tragedy of abortion. How, after all, can we value the lives of strangers when we do not even value the lives of our own sons and daughters in what should be the safest place in our world.

This is what we have become.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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