Money for Baby Tissue is “Valid Exchange” Says Planned Parenthood Executive Who Won’t be “Bullied by Ridiculous Laws”

By Cheryl Sullenger

Washington, DC — Today the Center for Medical Progress released Episode 4 of the “Human Capital” documentary web series, and the 10th video so far in the Planned Parenthood baby parts scandal.

The video focuses on conversations with a number of Planned Parenthood executives who discuss the matter to “remuneration,” or financial compensation, for aborted baby tissue.

A “Go for it!” message is clearly conveyed by Deb VanDerhei, National Director of the Consortium of Abortion Providers, (CAPS), which is a committee within Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA). However, throughout her conversations, fear of “New York Times headlines” and Congressional hearings tempered her language related to the selling baby parts.

“Headlines would be a disaster,” said VanDerhei.

This concerns is expressed also by Carolyn Westhoff, Senior Medical Advisor for PPFA, who incidentally guaranteed to a potential buyer that the tissue they provide — whether it be cardiac, eyes, spinal cords, or gonads – are fresh.

“Obviously, we would have the potential for a huge P.R. issue by doing this,” she said, speaking of selling fetal parts while swilling down a cocktail.

Fear of discovery and concern for negative publicity seems always at the heart of careful conversations about the fetal organ trade.

According to VanDerhei and Deborah Nucatola, Senior Medical Director, PPFA, the organization has intentionally made a decision not to put fetal tissue sales guidelines in writing, but indicated that if an affiliate calls with questions, answers would be given.

As far as compensation, Nucatola responded, “Nothing is written. There’s nothing in stone.”

“This is all about appearances for Planned Parenthood. They work very hard to put an appearance of legitimacy to their trafficking in fetal remains, yet it is clear they are very aware of its illegitimacy and the repercussions if they were ever to get caught,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue who also serves on the Board for the Center for Medical Progress. “They are naturally distrustful, even of each other, and they are careful how they couch references in their discussions. But it is very clear they have something to hide from the public. If they were just donating tissue to science in exchange for hard costs, why the concern over what the public will think?”

Van Derhei reinforces the fact that there is profitability in selling fetal remains.

“We have independent colleagues who generate a fair amount of income doing this and if they have smaller margins or don’t have the ability to fundraise because they’re not non-profit, that’s really helpful,” she said.

From VanDerhei’s comments, it is clear that there is “profit” to be made in the sale of aborted baby remains, and that trafficking in baby parts can be found not only in Planned Parenthood, but throughout the abortion industry.

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